BotniaVasan 12.2.2023

BotniaVasan Ski in Vöyri, Finland is a long-distance cross-country race. Come along and enjoy the challenge! For many of us, this event has become an annual highlight. Enthusiastic spectators lining the track, cheering on the skiers – that’s what makes the race such a celebration of sport, stamina and snow! BotniaVasan is a seeding event for Vasaloppet in Sweden.

The BotniaVasan race is a great event for everyone, from hobby skiers to top athletes. The race takes place over a 52 or 25 km ski track, in classic style, over beautiful, varied terrain in Vörå. The race starts in Norrvalla.

The first woman and man to reach the Kimo Ironworks will win a spurt prize, and the best skiers in the women’s and men’s categories will also win awards. There will also be a raffle for all participants with prizes. The minimum age limit for the 52 km is 17.

Our motto is: “Our goal is your good health.”