Please note that the English instructions are not official and are provided as guidance only. The only official instructions are in Finnish and Swedish.

Rules                                                                                                                                                              We follow FIS rules.

Race office:
The race office in Norrvalla is open:
-Saturday 15:00 — 19:00
-Sunday 07:00 — 17:00

Start envelopes:
The start envelope, which contains number bibs, self-adhesive ski stickers, a name tag, a tag intended for medical information and a food ticket, can be collected from Norrvalla’s entrance hall during the times mentioned above. On the starting card is also a sticker that you can paste on the back of the medal. The ski marks should be glued on the front part of the skis. Dry the skis carefully before gluing, preferably inside.

A chip is used for the timing. The chip is in the number bib.

In case of illness, the entry can be transferred to next year. You need a medical certificate. An administrative fee of 10 € will be charged. Medical certificates can be sent to info at mail address at latest 1.3.

There’s lots of parking space around Norrvalla. Avoid parking along the roads.

When you get your start envelope you receive a plastic bag in which you should put your extra clothes. Tie the bag and attach your name tag to it. Throw it near to the starting location. The plastic bags will be transported to the location of finish.

Warming up and testing of skis:
The competition track will be closed 15 min. before start. Warming up and testing of skis south of starting area towards ski center.

The Start:
The start will take place 10.00 for the 52 km race and 11:20 for the 25 km. The start location is within the Norrvalla area. Please go to the start in time and take a position in the start group shown to you. Check that your timing-chip is properly attached.

Start groups:
Those who  are top-level athletes go to the first start group (100 best in BotniaVasan or other merits). Start group 2 is intended for those who have results between 101 and 250. Start group 3 is intended for those who don’t have any merits or are simply not in a hurry. Choose the right startgroup in the entry form. If you choose group 1 or 2 please tell us about your merits in the message field! The BotniaVasan organisation will make the final decision who may be starting in the startgroup no 1 and 2.                                                                          If you want a better start position send email or go to racing office at latest 5 pm at saturday 2019.

Startgroup 1: (estimated time 2,5 – 3 h)
Startgroup 2: (estimated time 3 – 4 h)
Startgroup 3: others

The classic style is used during the entire race. If you use an other style during the race you can be disqualified.

Use poles with length described in rules.

There are seven checkpoints along the course

  • Tuckor (8 km)
  • Kuckus (14 km)
  • Kimo (20,5 km)
  • Komossa (29 km)
  • Röukas (35,5 km)
  • Kalapää (41 km)
  • Vörsmossen (46 km)

It is recommended that you drink a lot at every checkpoint. Sporting drinks (Enervit), water, juice, blueberry soup and raisins at every station. Coffee and something to eat at Komossa and later stations.

There are toilets at Tuckor, Kimo, Komossa, Röukas and Kalapää.

Health care:
There is a room dedicated to health care at Norrvalla. It opens 7 a.m. at Sunday. First aid will be given at every checkpoint. Rescue teams have both the right and the responsibility to get skiers from the track if there’s any reason to do so. A first aid team will travel behind the last skiers. If you notice that another participants needs help, please inform the officials at the nearest checkpoint immediately.

The participants are insured in case of accident during the race. The organizer should be informed in case of an accident.

Quitting the race:
If you by any reason have to quit the race you have to go and see the health care at the nearest station. Transportation to the finish at Norrvalla will be arranged – timeschedule:.

Car 1 – Tuckor 11.30, Kuckus 11.45, Kimo 12.15, Komossa 12.45, Röukas 13.15.
Car 2 – Kuckus 12.30, Kimo 13.00, Komossa 13.30, Röukas 14.00.
Car 3 – Röukas 14.45, Kalapää 15.30.

You will find blankets from the checkpoints if you are freezing.

Times of latest arrival:
The estimated maximum time of the 52km race is eight hours. One arriving to Kalapää after 16.00 will be transported to the finish by car.

Waxing service:
There is no waxing service at Norrvalla. There is a facility where you can wax your skis in the basement of Fredrikssonsgården.

Waxing service during the race:
Some waxing service is also supplied at every checkpoint, mostly grip waxing.

Extra equipment during the race:
There are some spare ski poles after the first hill after 2 km skiing. There are spare ski poles at every checkpoint, next to the portal of the checkpoint. The things you borrow have to be returned to race office at Norrvalla after finishing. Things you borrow from private persons can be returned to the race office.

The finish is located at Norrvalla. You will get a medal instantly after you finish. Place your skis and ski poles at the racks intended for that purpose and go to a dressing room, shower and sauna, and if you want, you can also go the swimming pool. Take your time. Go to the restaurant after that, where you will get a meal if you show your food ticket.

General instructions:
Please respect the instructions given to you by the organizers, especially at parking lots and at crossings. If a skier wants to overtake you, choose the right

Lalle Broberg is speaker. He gives information before start. Counting down and give a start signal.

Result lists:
Preliminary result lists can be found on the result board outside of the race office. The results will be published on the internet.

Cancelled race:
If the race will be cancelled the organizers can return 50% of entry fee.

Accidents and sickness:
If there is an accident or somebody get ill call 112 and call also security personal, Andreas Storbacka 040-1841399